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No New Posts RULES + Questions

Find the rules here, which is usually a good starting point on any forum. Read the rules. Also ask any questions that you have about the site here. I'm sure someone out there will be able to answer them. ;)

Sub-board: Wall of Shame

19 72 how to i start the game
by littlefish
Jun 28, 2013 6:35:18 GMT
No New Posts OOC

OOC. Not exactly revealing, is it? Ah, this section is the great 'Out Of Context' board, also known as Spam Board, Banter, Random, AORM (All Other Random Meaasges) and Chat.

Sub-boards: Affiliations, Spriting, Friend Codes, Mysterious Dungeon, Word Games

89 524 http://pokemoncreed.n
by check
Apr 12, 2013 1:36:07 GMT
No New Posts Welcome to YPRPG

If you have read the rules, made an account, and are raring to go, make a thread about yourself here! Then you can be properly welcomed to the community.

126 252 La Bicicletta Verde .
by piereld
Apr 27, 2016 21:38:49 GMT
No New Posts Exclusive Pokemon Club

Members of this club may come in here, but it is strictly out of bounds for everyone else. Other than that, nothing is known...

Moderators: Harry Dark, 1pokemon1, iAaron, Starla

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No New Posts RP Lessons

Come here if you want to learn from others how to RP well, and get full enjoyment out of this site, or just to brush up on your RP skills. RPing is very important here in Yusoh, so make sure you can at least do it. :P

Moderator: iAaron

Sub-boards: Aaron Nightshadow's Tutoring Area, Starla's Tutoring Area, Harry's Tutoring Area, Frappe's Tutoring Area

25 224 Hp Cpc P N 466808 002 Wireless Lan Drivers
by piereld
Apr 30, 2016 4:39:57 GMT
No New Posts Recycle Bin

Full of old, unused, OOC threads.

120 1,722 Used LCD Buyer
by wowposter
Nov 21, 2008 5:11:56 GMT
No New Posts The Yusoh Pokemon RPG Archives

Full of old, full up threads. Can make interesting reading.

134 4,588 Tammy_saris_dead-adds
by piereld
May 2, 2016 7:14:54 GMT

Character Creation

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No New Posts Character Registration

Please follow the template provided, and create a character. Remember, this character will be your only character for RPing, so think before you decide. You will be allowed others if you are either very active, or you RP in the other RP boards. The characters created here apply only to the conventional RP board, e.g Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Fiore, Orre, Yusoh.

270 361 greed-pachacuti's quest for the circus of life
by pachacuti
Aug 11, 2011 0:58:01 GMT
No New Posts Pokemon Registration

Now, if you want to register a Pokemon for the GPs, Rescue Teams or Photography, here you must come. Fill out the form. Remember. you are only allowed one Pokemon for all the Pokemon RPGs, so choose carefully. Evolutions will be parallel, and this Pokemon will never change.

61 198 starter
by kjames319
Jul 29, 2011 19:17:18 GMT

Pokemon Adventures

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Kanto Region of the Pokemon World. Also abbreviated as 'KA' for KAnto, this area is home to many people, not just trainers. Has regular trouble with the notorious Team Rocket, who cause trouble but generally aren't too bright. Pallet Town is to the South West, home of the world-renowned Professor Oak, an expert on just about everything. It is full of aspiring Pokemon Trainers, who all want to compete in the Kanto Championships, held in Indigo Plateau. A massive event, it is definitely worth a visit, even if you aren't competing. Loads of epic battles take place to decide who is the best trainer in all of Kanto. Full of surprises. There is also a carnival held at about the same time, in honour of the event. There is one Mountain, Mt. Moon, but it is not a Volcano. There are an archipelago of Islands to the South, named Islands 1-7, with the odd other island about, waiting to be explored. Home of the mysterious Mewtwo, and Mew of course, which attracts many trainers, who all hope for just a glimpse of the legendary Pokemon. Come visit, it's a great experience.

Open since May 21st 2007
Re-opened on October 11 2007

Sub-boards: Pallet Town, Viridian City, Pewter City, Mt. Moon, Cerulean City, Vermilion City, Rock Tunnel, Lavender Town, Celadon City, Fuchsia City, Saffron City, Cinnabar Island, Victory Road, Indigo Plateau, Knot Island, Boon Island, Kin Island, Floe Island, Chrono Island, Fortune Island, Quest Island, Wolf Cove, Sacred Field

186 751 Starter Pokemon
by temas2
Jul 10, 2012 1:27:32 GMT
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Orange Archipelago

The Orange Archipelago, usually referred to as the Orange Islands, is a large chain of islands, to the south of Kanto. The name is often abbreviated to OA. Their hot, tropical weather is a pull factor for many tourists, and trainers as well. The group of islands have their own league, the Orange League, which is somewhat different to the conventional leagues of the mainlands. There are only 4 badges, and these are often obtained, not by battling, but by other activities, such as testing the trust between trianer and Pokemon. These activities are set by the Orange Crew, a team of 5 strong trainers, who make up the league. Another effect of the hot climate is many alternate colored Pokemon, which are extremely rare on the mainlands. These Pokemon are still hard to find, and many of them are caught as babies, and there are few left wild.
To the north of the archipelago is Kanto, and Johto. To the east, Hoenn, West, Sinnoh, and to the extreme south, Yusoh. These islands are home to Professor Ivy, on Valencia Island. She gives out starter Pokemon to native trainers and trainers from other regions.

Open Since August 16th 2007


Moderator: B-G

Sub-boards: Valencia Island, Mikan Island, Navel Island, Trovita Island, Kumquat Island, Pummelo Island, Moro Island, Murcott Island, Kinnow Island, Shamouti Island, Cleopatra Island, Grapefruit Islands, Scarlett's Cove

100 290 Open this please!!!!!
by shinybreeder
Aug 12, 2011 19:26:08 GMT
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The Johto Region of the Pokemon World. Abbreviated to 'JO' for JOhto, this region is very close to Kanto, so close in fact, that there is a trainer service running between the two, and many Johto Trainers go no to Kanto as soon as they have participated in the Kanto Championships. It has many fascinating towns and cities, including Goldenrod City, home to Pokemon's first Radio Tower. It is also home to New Bark Town, where Professor Elm lives. He is an expert on Pokemon Artefacts. Lake of Rage is also a very interesting place, said to be haunted by the ghost of a Red Gyarados. Johto also houses it's own Championships, Johto Silver Conference, held at the foot of Mt. Silver, which are very big in their own right. The same as the Kanto championships, but these decide who the champion of all Johto is.

Open Since 30th August 2007, 11:00am GMT


Moderator: Dark Slayer

Sub-boards: New Bark Town, Cherrygrove City, Violet City, Union Cave, Azelea Town, Goldenrod City, Ecruteak City, Olivine City, Whirl Islands, Cianwood City, Mt. Mortar, Mahogany Town, Blackthorn City, Victory Road, Silver Cave

114 333 Professor Elm's Lab
by rahul234
Jan 14, 2012 7:13:58 GMT
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Th Hoenn Region of the Pokemon World. Abbreviated to 'HO' for HOenn, this region is renowned for it's ashy volcanoes, and it's Shopping Centre. It's towns and cities are fascinating, as it has not only Littleroot Town, home to Professor Birch, expert on Pokemon Types, but Mauville City, home to Hoenn's Game Corner, and Lilycove City, home to Hoenn's department store. It has five floors packed full of stuff, from Potions to Plush Dolls, and from Antidotes to Zigzag Cushions. This region is also much visited because Trainers can make their own Secret Bases around the region in various locations, a space where a trainer can just chill out and relax, and accept the odd challenge from and trainers who came by and want to battle. Hoenn is also home to The Battle Frontier, the hardest test for trainers ever, combining 7 very different forms of Battle. From all out Stamina and Braveness in the Battle Pyramid, to sheer Luck in the Battle Pike, and good old-fashioned battles in the Battle Tower. Many a trainer comes to the frontier in the hope of becoming the master of the Frontier, and getting their name in the Hall of Fame.

This Region is under construction

Sub-boards: Littleroot Town, Oldale Town, Petalburg City, Rustboro CIty, Dewford Town, Slateport City, Mauville City, Mount Chimney, Verdanturf Town, Fallarbor Town, Lavaridge Town, Fortree City, Lilycove City, Mossdeep City, Sootopolis City, Pacifidlog Town, Victory Road, Ever Grande City, Mirage Island

224 386 Pokemon Lab
by protegeman
Jul 4, 2011 4:03:03 GMT
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Sinnoh (SI is the official abbreviation) is a large region, same as Hoenn, Kanto and Johto. It is North of Kanto, and it's northern tip is snow covered. Sinnoh is famous for the Battle Zone, which is to the Northeast.
Sinnoh is divided in two by the gargantuan Mt. Coronet, which has been such a divider that some Pokemon, which live on both sides of the mountain, have attained regional differences. Split roughly into East, West and North, the three sections are all very different, and each area has a mystical lake.

East Sinnoh

The east section of Sinnoh is home to the Sinnoh League, similar to both the Hoenn League and Kanto Championships. Also on the eastern side is Pastoria City, home of the Great Marsh. Much like safari games to the south, some Pokemon can only live in the marsh, and it is protected, otherwise it's eco-system would be destroyed. Trainers can enter it, and are allowed to catch as many Pokemon as they like.
Other cities include Veilstone, home of Sinnoh's Game Corner and Department Store, Hearthome, home of Sinnoh's Super Contests and Poffin House, Sunyshore, home to the magnificent Vista Lighthouse. Celestic Town is very small, and is very old, so ancient relics are everywhere. Solaceon is worth noting, as it is home to the Pokemon Daycare. South of Veilstone City is Lake Valour.
West Sinnoh

Western Sinnoh is much similar, with another lake, Lake Verity, to the west of Twinleaf.
Twinleaf Town is a small town, with very little to note. Not far away is Sandgem, home to Professor Rowan's lab. He is a leading expert on Pokemon, and an old friend of Professor Oak's. To the North of Sandgem is Jubilife, a very advanced (technologically) city. It is home to the GTS, (Global Trade Service,) and Jubilife TV network, which is broadcast to the entire region.
Canalave City is to the extreme West, and is a big port. There are regular ferries to Iron Island. To the east of Jubilife is Oreburgh, a mining town, and it is home to the fam

Sub-boards: Twinleaf Town, Sandgem Town, Jubilife City, Oreburgh City, Floaroma Town, Eterna City, Hearthome City, Veilstone City, Pastoria City, Celestic Town, Canalave City, Snowpoint City, Sunyshore City, Victory Road, Pokemon League

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This region is mostly desert, with little life. But, there are a few cities thriving here. This region was victim to the Shadow Incident, and XD001, but is peaceful now.

This Region is under construction. If you would like to help in the development, see Harry Dark

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This Region is home to the Pokemon Rangers. They capture Pokemon using their Capture Stylers, instead of PokeBalls. This region was once under threat from Team Go-Rock squad, but they were defeated by the Ranger Union there.
Open Since 17:47 GMT 22nd August 2007

Sub-boards: Fall City, Ring Town, Summerland, Wintown, Krokka Tunnel, Sekra Range, East Road, Fiore Temple, Jungle Relic, Kisara Plains, Lyra Forest, Olive Jungle, Panula Cave, Safra Sea, Go-Rock Squad Base, Underground Waterways

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Yusoh - ©

The newly discovered region to the extreme South of the Pokemon World. Very little is known about this place, except that it is very cold.
This Region is under construction

Sub-boards: Blackspire Town - ©, RedBud Town - ©, Umbruhstar City - ©, Pyro Town - ©, Reart Town - ©

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The Pokemon Center

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No New Posts The Official Yusoh Pokemon RPG Shop

The official shop.

Moderator: jokerman

Sub-board: The back of the shop...

6 63 Customer Orders
by edwardswan
Apr 18, 2010 2:22:08 GMT
No New Posts Pokemon Storage

You can store your spare Pokemon here.

Moderator: Harry Dark

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by piereld
Apr 22, 2016 18:49:12 GMT

Be A Pokemon!

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No New Posts Pokemon Grand Prix Championships

Choose a Pokemon, on your marks, get set, GO! The Pokemon GP sets off. Marshes, Deserts, Beaches, Oceans, Forests, Grassland, Lava, Ice, it's all here! Which Pokemon will dash through the course fastest? Which Pokemon will stumble and struggle?

Open Since August 15th 2007

Sub-boards: Pokemon Registration, Green Cup

19 87 Pokemon Registration Form
by shipper456
Feb 5, 2011 21:49:39 GMT
No New Posts Pokemon Rescue Teams

Pokemon are in trouble! Stuck in deep, dark dungeons, their only hope is the brave rescue team that races to their side, and gets them out. These rescue teams are entirely voluntary, and save many a Pokemon. Join their ranks, and become a rescuing legend. Will you choose to journey deep into difficult dungeons? Or will you save the Pokemon that get into trouble in the easier dungeons? The choice is yours.

Open Since August 11th 2007

Sub-boards: Rescue Team HQ, Pokemon City, The Dungeons

62 241 Team Electric
by jake434
Apr 20, 2010 23:05:03 GMT
No New Posts Pokemon Photography

Ever wanted to take a snapshot of a Psyduck? A photo of a Phanpy? Well, this is the place to go! Grab your camera, and get snapping! Pokemon are just waiting to be caught on film! Enter the contests, to pit your best Photos up against others, or dream of photographing every Pokemon species!

This Region is under construction

3 6 Class Reunion
by dragoneric123
Apr 24, 2010 21:28:24 GMT


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